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Exotic Dancer New England Strippers features sexy strippers. exotic dancers for bachelor party, birthday party and more. Book these girls for your next party! Booking bachelor parties in Boston Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Need strippers for Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun? We have strippers for both CT Casinos. Are you up at Killington in Vermont and need strippers? We have Killington Strippers. Your frat party needs strippers? We have covered frat party stripper requests from U of Maine, all the way to U CONN.
We don't use fake photos. When you see porn stars on a local agency's site, do you really want to book with that company? Trust me, Krystal Steal is not dancing in Boston. With us, if you book Joey, Joey shows up.  Staying at the
Renaissance Hotel in Foxborough for a Patriots game? How about booking our strippers for a pre or post game party. Our primary stripper site is updated daily VIPStrippers.com

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Real Customer Testimonials of our New England Strippers

Boston: The girls (Chloe & Ryan) were amazing
Mt. Snow, Vermont: Hi. The party was great. The girls (Chloe & Ryan) were fun and beautiful. Everyone had a great time! Thanks!
Portland, Maine: The girls (Chloe & Ryan ) were great, we loved them, Al was was cool, thanks for making our bash a success
Foxwoods: Taylor was a big hit. Thanks Meni!
Mohegan Sun: First, I'd like to say from the beginning while planning this event, Meni was on top of it. Even with some last minute changes, he was communicating with me up until they all arrived at Mohegan Sun, so I was never worried that the entertainment would fall through.
Al was very cool. He set the ground rules, kept the party going, and even supplied the music. Made things really easy for me as the host, I could enjoy the party and not worry.
Ryan, Chloe and Asia performed like no other party I have ever been to. It was the best time we ever had. Every one of our employees who attended couldn't thank me enough. These are a few direct quotes from them by Email that they sent the next morning:

1) "When I got hired with this company I thought you all were a bunch of wet nerds who didn't know how to have a great time. Last night totally shot down that preconceived thought of mine. Last night I was able to see what you wet nerds are really about and I must say I'm glad to be a part of a company with such weird out of control men."

2) "I've never partied with a better group of guys man. You all party harder than my rockband mates. Sick night, not sure how I didn't throw up. Can't wait to do it again someday. This shit was epic and may never be outdone."

3) "XXX and XXX have got to be some of the greatest bosses on the planet and it makes it easy to go the extra mile for them. Thanks to XXXess, XXX and XXX for putting together one of the best weekends I've had in a really long time.

4) "Hands down. Best night of my life. XXX and XXX, thank you very much."

There is not much more I can say, mission accomplished.
Gilmanton, NH: Thanks for making our night. The Girls (Taylor & Ryan) were great both of them were very nice and clean. They keep all of us happy. Will defiantly have VIP help us out again. The girls did a great job, and Al was great to, He was very plesent to have here. I am planning a party again and will be in contact. This time We will plan for more money so the girls can do more of the fun things they have planned. I think that the next time I will sell tickets to anyone that would like to come that way if they don't. We will still have the money to spend on the fine girls. Thanks again.
Providence, RI: Girls were awesome tonight. Had a great time. Thanks! Taylor rocked...the ring toss was a big hit too! And i got a private from Ryan, she was great too!
Littleton, NH: Party was awesome. The girls (Devin & Leighton) and driver showed up on time. The driver was easy to work with an brought a stack of 1's for us to change. There was a petit blonde and a petit brunette. They were down to party! They started with a dance for the bachelor and best man. It was a nice way to get things started. Soon after, a generous round of lap dances. The lap dances were off the hook. The blonde was sensual and sexy while the brunette was a wily little slut! What a great combo. Then whip cream body shots were offered next. Those were a lot of fun and kept things interesting. The girls then took a quick break. After that was our girl on girl show. It was fantastic. I think the brunette actually came, or did a good job faking. After that, they did another round of lap dances. The time they spent at our party was well appreciated by the bachelor and all of the guests.
As we're all getting into our 30's, there's a bunch of us that will be having bachelor parties. I'm confident that we'll use your services again.

Mohegan Sun: Thanks for making my brother's bachelor party a success. Taylor was amazing! She is smoking hot and definitely knows how to work her body. Even though we only had 6 guys, she had plenty of variety in her act and had no problem keeping our full attention for well over an hour. I’m sure we will be talking (privately) about the anal ring toss for years. I was afraid that a midnight show in a hotel room might get some noise complaints, but David and Taylor seemed to be mindful of that and we didn’t have any trouble. Also, the price of getting her there was so competitive that I thought there must have been a catch. Nope! I can’t say enough about how happy I am with the way things went down and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for top notch entertainment.

Tamworth, NH: The girls (Krystal, Dallas, & Savanna) were great. Great looking girls, Lots of Fun!!! I will recommend your girls to anyone! Good job man

Chelmsford, MA: The show was really good!! I loved her (Taylor) and the driver was really nice

Plymouth, NH: Man it was the best I have seen both girls (Taylor & Ashley were hot and amazing both the guys were chill were all still talking about the show now, we will call u in a few months for another one.

Boston, Mass: The show was amazing! You are real pros, the dancer (Ellie) is a beauty, and everything went just perfect! Vipstrippers.com are serious people! You get the actual girl you select through taking a look at the pictures in their website. If you are in Boston, and you need a hot dancer, this is the option. Thanks!

Harrisville, NH: Show was real good. (Krystal and Dallas)

Boston: Dude. Awesome. Highly recommended. When we come back for the wedding in June we will call for another show (Ellie & KC)

Boston, MA: The girls and their bouncer were on time. Every one loved Taylor some guys were intimidated by Lexi I really liked them both. The bouncer was out of the way. Every had a great time. I am looking into starting a small business and would like to continue using VIP service. Thanks.

Woburn, MA: Very professional place got just what I asked for and then some. The girls (Taylor, Lexi, & Ellie) were amazing and everyone had a GREAT time! the girls were wicked hot not like other places we used where the girls looked nothing like advertised. The girls were great with everyone, and pretty wild. All and all well worth it best prices out there and worth every dollar plan being a repeat customer. Also you better know what going on if the girls ask for 4 belts from the crowd!

Manchester, NH: Jacy was/is IT... good times had by all

Loon Mountain, NH: Just wanted to say thanks for a great party up in NH Saturday night. Krystal and Dallas were beautiful and a lot of fun. Your guy John was a class act. Hope the girls had fun too! Seemed like Krystal brought Dallas in, which she should get a bonus for! haha So hot! Thanks again, had a great time... best experience we've had by far .. would definitely use your company again.

Killington, VT: I can't even begin to express how pleased my friends and I were about booking your girls.
I was a little worried that the girls, in our case Chloe and Ellie, wouldn't look as good as their photos online, but I was pleasantly surprised as to how beautiful they were in person.

My friend had no idea that I had booked any entertainment but once I moved a chair to the middle of the floor, dimmed the lights and started the music he kind of got an idea. My friends and I have had bad experiences booking entertainment in the past, so I could see a bit of hesitation within his facial expressions. Once he got a look at Ellie, there was no whipping the grin of his face, and boy did those girls try.

My friend was again surprised by not only having one beautiful entertainer but two. The girls and their escort were all very professional laid back and willing to work with us in surprising my friend.

The girls were not only pretty but fun, exciting and really outgoing.
Their dances were always sexy while being playful and/or at times hardcore. Ellie has some amazing acrobatic type moves while both girls were not afraid to be forceful and in your face when the time called for it.

The show the girls put on for us was just about the hottest thing I've ever seen. I was worried about the girls' chemistry but there was nothing there that made me think that the two weren't really close friends.

All of my friends praised me for booking the two girls and asked how I was able to find such great entertainment. There wasn't much time after their visit where we weren't talking about that Friday night.

I know that if I'm ever in the area and in need of entertainment I will do everything in my power to book through you guys again.

I recommend this service to anyone and everyone looking for beautiful girls to provide a very entertaining night.

Durham, NH: The girls (Krystal & Dallas) were SO much fun! Everyone had a great time and loved the show they put on. Both girls were super hott, nice bodies, cute faces. Definitely going to go through your company again for another party!!!

Killington, VT: The girls (Krystal & Dallas) were fantastic. We are leaving today but I will keep your number for next time. Your driver was good too

Hunter Mtn, New York: Yo meni you hooked me up at hunter mtn bro the girls were sick girl girl action. my brother was very excited when the twins walked in Thanks again

Killington, VT: Excellent service and timely arrival. Ladies (Joey & Chloe) very attractive and fun. No problems and a smooth operation.

Auburn, NH: It rocked ! Had such a great time ..felt like Charlie Sheens alter ego! Your girls were so Naughty to my girl ..she so loved it .... Winning! (Dallas & Krystal)

Mt. Snow VT: Two beautiful girls (Joey & Chloe) who put on a really hot and sexy show! They showed up on time and there were no surprises in terms of costs. My friends all think that I am an entertainment expert because of how hot the girls were. Wait did I already say that?

Hooksett, NH: It was a great time. Everything I could of hoped for. Everyone grabbed a card no doubt your the guy I am using. (Taylor)

Chittenden, VT: Everything was great, we will use your company in the future, thanks again. (Joey & Savanna)

Killington, VT: Everything went well, thank you. Joey was a crowd pleaser, but they were both (Joey & Savanna) really good

Durham, NH: MUST READ BEFORE BOOKING...: If you have any doubts about this site, stop worrying! VIPstrippers.com is the best priced, hottest sexy girls you will find, period. This was my third experience with VIP a few months ago. The man running the business does it well, exceptionable customer service! I called two days ago, and needed dancers for TODAY... No problem-- not two, but three girls are on their way right now! This will be my fourth time using VIP, and will never go to a different company! Tried Sh**rock once, SUCKED. I repeat, SH**ROCK SUCKED...we had two girls from Sh**rock, who were both overweight, gross, to the point that I didn't want any lap dances. And the guy with shamrock was a joke, looked like a penguin crossed with a computer chip and slap from the ugly stick, had no personality and charged up the ass! If you are looking for the hottest girls to dance at at your party/bachelor party/frat party/any party...go with VIP! favorites-- these girls are very friendly!

Winchester, NH: I want them (Ellie & Chloe) to stay for $3,000

Brownsville, Vermont: They (Lexi & Ellie) were great. The best girl out of the 4 we got? Devin was my favorite. Thank you!

Keene, NH: Yea good time, girls were beautiful, Joey was awesome , good dances fun time. (Joey & Chloe)

Danville, NH: VIP Strippers came through 100%. The agency was excellent to deal with and the girls (Joey & Chloe) were great. Joey was off the charts hot and better looking in person. I will use VIP Strippers again and recommend them to any throwing a Bachelor Party!!!

Killington, VT: She's (Savanna) got a real future in the biz! No Joke. Smoking! She was great man, you need more pics of her on your wordpress site.

Allston, MA: You did not disappoint. The show and girls (Ellie, Lexi, & Chloe) were unreal and I'm already planning on booking another night in March. Al gave me some card to give out as well which I will put in good hands. Tonight was great. (This customer had booked parties in the past with the other Boston agencies, this review shows we have the best girls)

Stowe, VT: Good Time. The ladies (Lexi & Chloe) were fun and Al was a gentleman, thanks again dude.

Boston: Great. she (Ellie) was fun (text)

Stowe, VT: The girls (Lexi & Ryan) were beautiful. Everyone agreed on that. The show was good too. We had a good time. Thanks

Foxwoods: You guys really came through even though I contacted you on such short notice. Add to that the scheduling of another girl and a change in the time of arrival at the last minute and I'm amazed you were able to accommodate us in everything. Ryan and Lexi were excellent; fun, friendly, and willing to keep on going. The bachelor got everything they could give and the rest of us were far from disappointed. Al, the driver, was friendly and knew how to fade into the background once the show got started. No complaints here, thanks a lot, you made our night!

Manchester, NH: Had xmas party sat vip sent three girls all three walk in and were just as hot and sexy as i was told they would be unlike some other parties with other companies and the show was the best iv seen yet all the girls had mad skills and more important Great Personalities!!!!!!!!!!!! very friendly and i have to say Lexi is great she made even quiet guys come out of shells and she is really hot cant wait 4 excuse 2 have next party thanks Meni and ladies (Ryan, Lexi, and new dancer Alexis)

Meredith, NH: Thank you very much they (Jacy & Ellie) were incredible, best time ever they were awesome beautiful and great time. I want to do it again real soon going to Foxwoods after New Year, probably need at least 1. I'm telling everyone about your agency.

Medford, MA: SHOW WAS AMAZING!!! and can my buddy adam get Joey's number?

Concord, NH: Just a quick note to say 'Thanks' for the show last night. Joey and Ryan really did a good job, everybody that I have talked to, had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, some of the 'big money' had left before they arrived......:-( I hope they made out OK, I certainly did my share. If I was 30 years younger, would love to have a beer or three with those 2. Actually, I still would...............:-)

Sunderland, MA: Fabulous, thanks so much again, did they (Ellie & Ryan) have fun? (via text msg)

South Boston: Awesome thank u (via text, he booked Lexi & Ryan)

South Boston, MA: Unreal. I want her again. (Ryan)

Boston, MA: Liked the show a lot, girls (Joey & Ryan) looked great

Charlestown, MA: My experience with VIP Strippers was outstanding. Our 2 girls Joey and Chloe showed up on time at 1:30am in Charlestown. This night was for my friends bachelor party. We had only one girl scheduled but decided a few hours in advance that a second girl would probably make the night that much better, so even last minute the service was great. Both of the girls were extremely sexy and fun, and made the night a huge success. The girls danced for all of the guys for about 45 minutes. After 45 minutes there was an additional fee for the duo show which was one of the best experiences of our lives. It was well worth the additional fee, and the girls stayed for an extra hour or so. I was a little concerned at first since I knew this was their 3rd show of the night, but the girls treated us like we were their first and only show of the night. I will definitely use VIP Strippers again.

Boston, MA: Girls did a good job, good time, personally liked Joey the best, who did the show at the end, but all were a hit.

Lowell, MA: The party was everything anyone could expect. The entire process from setting up the girls (on short notice), to working with the professional driver, to the show from 2 amazing girls. Chloe and Devin were great. Beautiful. Sexy. Fun. Amazing! Not only will I recommend you and the girls highly; I will book again. Thanks

Boston, MA: It was very good time everyone was happy (Devin & Jacy)

Alton, NH: Great time, girls (Jacy & Ryan) were pretty and fun, our whole group had a blast, highly recommend.

Windham, NH: Devin put on a first class show at my friend's bachelor party last week. She was both beautiful and gracious, had a great sense of humor and made everyone feel special. I only wish I had pictures of the looks on the guy's faces. Priceless.
Here's a pic of Devin taken just before she danced in Windham

Plaistow, NH: She (Devin) was hot and everyone had a blast. I'll definitely use your guys again and recommend you guys to people
Here's a pic of Devin taken just before she danced in Plaistow

Boston, MA: "Ur girls (Devin & Jacy) were great, can I get Jacy's number?"

Foxwoods, CT: "Tyler was great. She arrived on time and, after changing, got right to the show. Tyler has a great personality and is quite laid back, which made the atmosphere fun and relaxed. The show was sexy and definitely worth the money. In fact, I had no idea that the show would be as involved as it was. We all had a lot of laughs and the bachelor definitely enjoyed his last taste of freedom. I fully recommend Tyler."

Chittenden, VT: The fellas and I had an unforgettable experience recently with VIPStrippers. It was our first bachelor party and Meni helped us figure everything out in a very prompt and professional manner. The girls (Lexi and Jacy) were top-notch; friendly, outgoing, and most of all, smokin hot! They arrived right on time, and before we knew it they were getting right down to business. Even the bouncer was cool! Great show! Hopefully we will have the chance to use VIPStrippers again in the future. Thanks!

Mirror Lake, NH: They (Ryan & Joey) did a great job and were very professional. The girl on girl show was definitely worth the extra cash. Thanks I will use you again in the future.

Raymond, NH: Just writing to say thank you everyone had a great time. (Krystal)

Windham, Maine: The party was great and fun, the girls were great, friendly, great looking, they put on a awesome show, i would defiantly recommend this team to any bachelor party, the girls were Devin, Jacy, and Chloe

Moultonborough, NH: Intimate evening with a few guy friends at house party. Girls (Joey & Ryan) were on time, and quickly became naked for us, giving us a good run for our laps. The duo performance was exceeding sexy, and exotica. Joey is a wonderfully relaxed performance, who is especially intimate, and a treat to watch. A private showing is not to be missed: Absolutely top-crotch.

China, Maine: She (Joey) was great, I'm going to recommend her in the future

Vienna, Maine: Joey was great, she has to be one of the hottest chicks i have seen in a while. She was also a sweetheart which was nice. The show was well worth the money and i would have her a gain in a heartbeat. Thanks again and i will be in touch in the future.

Plymouth, NH: The girls (Chloe & Devin) were very attractive and everyone was pleased as usual. You'll definitely be hearing from us in the spring

Newport RI: Wow, fucking excellent (Natalia & Ryan)

Mohegan Sun: The 2 girl show with Chloe and Jacy was better than any of us expected. The girls were beautiful and really friendly. There were no surprises and no let downs. Their driver Al was a really cool guy too and he made sure everything ran smoothly. I highly recommend those girls and I will be using them again in the future.

Lyndonville, VT: After their prompt arrival, the show that the Tama Twins put on was above and beyond my lofty expectations! The bachelor party was held in a private room at a night club, sealed off from the public but after just the first act the buzz from the crowd had people from the public side of the bar begging to get in and see what all the fuss was about. The show really was amazing. The common quote I heard from all 60+ guests was that no one had ever seen one that great. After hosting bachelor parties for over 15 years in this club, I have to admit myself that these girls put on the best party I have ever seen. They were sexier than seen in their photos, they were fun, playful, creative and left the crowd satisfied yet screaming for more. I'm already looking for an excuse to have them back!

Hyannis, MA: We all had a great time this past weekend! Everyone agreed that we wouldn't have had nearly as much fun without the girls (Ryan & Natalia) from VIP. The guys all loved the "around the world" portion of the evening. It's also great to know how easy it is to work with you guys! Thanks for everything and I'll be sure to recommend you in the future!

Gardner, MA: Everything was great. The girls (Joey & Chloe) were there @ exactly 6:00 PM as requested. They put on a great show and were even better looking in person than in their pictures. The gentleman who accompanied the ladies, Al I think his name was, was also very cool and professional. I've gotten nothing but rave reviews about the party from everyone that was there and would not hesitate to use VIP again in the future.

Boston, MA: Girls (Natalia & Jacy) were great, especially Jacy. Cant wait till the next party so we can get her again

Belmont, NH: Thanks, We all had a great time and I look forward to working with you again. (Ryan & Lexi)

Nashua, NH: I’d say for the first Bachelor Party I have ever planned, the whole event went off quite well. I was referred to VIP from a friend and their service was fantastic. The management was easy to get a-hold-of both via email and by phone. I was concerned, having never dealt with a stripper company before, about a possible “bait and switch,” but VIP delivered with what they advertised. Joey and Chloe were fun, fair and playful - not to forget hot. Al was a good guy, very easy going. Honestly, I would use VIP again and I would definitely recommend it for 90 mins of fun.

Hull, MA: "I recently threw a bachelor party for my buddy and used VIPStrippers for the first time. I requested Chloe for the night and received excellent service. The night of the party the driver, Al, confirmed their estimated time of arrival and arrived on time. Both Al and Chloe were very friendly and accommodating. Once the show started no one was disappointed. Chloe was hot, just as her pictures were on the company website. The rest of the weekend everyone at the party kept talking about how great Chloe was! I highly recommend VIP and know where to go for my next party! Thanks!"

Bedford, NH: Overall they were good- they were attractive, friendly- some of the guys were a little disappointed that they left in a hurry in the end- but i was pleased. (The girls had another show to do, they were at party over 90 minutes)

Scituate, MA: I could not be more happy with the...personalities...looks...kindness.. And fairness that you guys and girls brought here tonight. Look forward seeing you in the future (Ryan & Lexi)

Foxwoods: They (Ryan & Skylar) were great. Everyone was very professional and a lot of fun. I know the whole party had a great time. I also want to apologize for one of the guys there. He was a complete ass and after the girls left we had a lot of problems with him. I just wanted to tell you and especially the girls and Tom that we are deeply sorry for his behavior. Thank you for everything.

Foxwoods: Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I was at a bachelor party at Foxwoods the other night and you guys put on a great show. Ryan was my personal favorite and would appreciate some pictures of her because I am planning another party and wanted to show my friends. I also wanted to apologize for the way that one of the kids acted last night. All the dancers and Tom (driver/bouncer) handled it very well and we are thankful you guys put up with his crap.Thanks,

Rochester, NH: It was a great time and the girls were perfect. (Lexi & Ryan)

Hampton Beach, NH: The girls (Lexi & Ryan) were unbelievable and made the party unreal. It's now 5 days later and I'm still getting thanks from all my buddies. The girls were fun, easygoing and gorgeous. We'll definitely be back for our next party.

Nashua, NH: Both girls (Lexi & Ryan) were really nice and very friendly. They also dealt really well with the heat and still performed despite the heat, very good attitudes. They compliment each other well and it was a great time!

Boston, MA: The girls were great. Joey was, as expected, the big hit. I felt bad b/c our numbers were down - a car load of my boys from the burbs did not make it. Hopefully, Joey and Chloe still made some good coin. Everyone wants a repeat so there may be another call to action later this summer. Hopefully on a Thursday - it's easier to schedule b/c guys don't have to get home to the waiting wives on a week night like hey do on a weekend night.
Al is a good dude. Everything was handled well. Thanks

Bretton Woods, NH: we recently had a party and we had joey and chloe dancing, and lexi bartending. the night was great! the driver was really cool and made everything real easy, joey and chloe put on an amazing show and showed us all a great time, and lexi was a great bartender and seemed to have alot of fun! next time we seriously want her to dance! were planning on making this an annual party for us and will absolutely use v.i.p. again! joey is hall of fame material!

Hollis, NH: Gigmasters Party, official review and ratings

Client Feedback Gig ID# 698875

VIP made a good party the best party ever. Highly professional and well organized - both the entertainers and their escort. The ladies were very hot, talented and super fun. 16 guys all agreed that the VIP ladies were better than any club experience anyone ever had. Looking forward to next year already... - PB, Annual FNH Golf Tournament

Customer Ratings

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1=lowest, 5=highest), how would you rate VIP Strippers Of Boston & New Hampshire in terms of their professionalism? 5

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1=lowest, 5=highest), how would you rate VIP Strippers Of Boston & New Hampshire in terms of their overall talent? 5

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1=lowest, 5=highest), how accommodating was VIP Strippers Of Boston & New Hampshire in handling special requests for your event? 5

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1=lowest, 5=highest), how strongly would you recommend VIP Strippers Of Boston & New Hampshire to a friend? 5

And finally, on a scale of 1 to 5 (1=lowest, 5=highest), how would you rate your overall satisfaction with VIP Strippers Of Boston & New Hampshire? 5

Moultonborough, NH: This was by far the best experience i have had. The girls (Lexi & Chloe) were great, not only great dancers but very cool before and after the show. Al was good too, he is a funny guy. Overall this was the best, i am planning another bachelor party for september and want to know how far in maine you guys come? so i will be in touch.

Nashua, NH: She was perfect! A little was lost in translation for the idea of a "bag Lady", but just in case I had grabbed my old army field jacket and Gezelle was more than willing to improvise. The look on my buddy's face was priceless... Gezelle is a very hot, talented young lady. Her trapeze skills were obvious in her dancing and moves. thanks so much for sending her, Please thank her again for me.

Peabody, MA: Girls (Natasha & Bianca) were great looking and lots of fun. As advertised. I will definitely be using you guys again and will recommend VIP to my friends in the future. Thanks.

Manchester, NH: Last night was Great! Taylor did an excellent job and everyone had a good time. Thank you,

Newmarket, NH: We absolutely loved the show! next party we have we already know who to call! lap dances, whipped cream shots, and a fine 2 girl extravaganza was well worth it! everyone seemed stoked that we went with you guys and can't wait to do another one! thanks again so much for taking the time to steer us away from what would have been a total bummer of a night with that other option and coming to our rescue!!! BRAVO! (Joey & Chloe)

Boston, MA: Dude, had a good time. She was Perfect. (Taylor)

Boston, MA: The girls (Joey & Natasha) were great. And I appreciate you being so good with the logistics. You'll definitely get my recommendation to other friends. Thanks

Mohegan Sun: Thanks to VIPStrippers, you guys did a great job, the girls Joey and Chloe were great, friendly and definitely beautiful. I would not hesitate to use you guys again. Thanks for all you help making the night !

Mohegan Sun: Natasha was great. She was very well prepared and kept us involved and interested. Super hot!

Hampton Beach, NH: We had an amazing weekend and will use your services without hesitation in the future. If your curious, Joey is absolutely smokin hot (as you know) and the lesbian showis top notch. Great lap dances by both girls, etc. However, the whole party agrees you have something special with Brooke and Taylor...they were very down to earth and enjoyed hanging out. They are both naturally beautiful and young. Taylor was my personal favorite, thanks.

Mohegan Sun: My good friend just had his bachelor party this weekend and we had Arianna and Kianna both girls were ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! I would recommend them TO EVERYONE!!! THANKS VIP STRIPPERS!! Matt from NH

Boston, MA: Great show way better than anticipated. I will definitely be using them again. Girls (Joey & Chloe) were unreal loved every minute. The whole party was singing their praise. Thanks Again Pat C

Portsmouth, NH: Chris loved his birthday present! Thanks for the effort. (Joey danced)

Boston, MA: Joey was the catalyst of what was to be an epic bachelor party in the Bean. Highly recommend. Thanks for a whip ass (pun intended) time. - Jason from NH

Boston, MA: The girls (Bridgette & Chloe) were fucking awesome! everyone had a blast. Ryan (driver) was so cool 2. dude was loving the food at the party. all the guys were hounding the girls and Ryan for business cards! expect a whole lot more calls from guys in Mission Hill. thanx a million!

Boston, MA: The bachelor had a good time. Thanks! (Brooke & Brianna)

Killington, VT: Everything was very good. Thanks again. (Arianna & Kianna)

Killington, VT: Yeah, everyone had a great time. The girls were a lot of fun also. Perfect for a bachelor party. (Chloe & Alexis)

Killington, VT (Boston bachelor party): Thank you VIP Strippers for a great night at Killington. Joey and Brianna were a perfect pair to get our bachelor party going. They are both hot and I actually won a bet with some of the guys because Meni delivered what he promised. Our group wanted more, so VIP was able to arrange a round 2 with Brooke and Nevaeh at the last minute. Our entire group was very impressed with the entire night. I don't see a reason to look anywhere else for entertainment in the future. Thanks again!

Killington, VT (Boston bachelor party): I have been to a few bachelor parties where strippers were hired and most of the time it is a run around. The companies won't send pics, they won't guarantee they will send the girls you see on their site, and they just talk around everything you say to them. Not with this company.
Meni was great to talk to and was willing to send pictures to me so we could preview what we were in for. I chose Alexis and Chloe and they were the ones that Actually showed up! They were even on time and we were up in Killington on a dirt road.
Chloe was a bit shy but a willing and great participant. Alexis owned what she did. She is stripper, hear her roar! She got us fired up both with her attitude and show. She really made the night rock and brought out the best in a crowd that started out subdued but ended up laughing, smiling, yelling, and enjoying the show. Even the driver Tom was cool...
Best of all, the price beat what other agencies offered! Great experience--I would hire them again and recommend highly.
Thanks Meni!

Hanover, NH: The girls (Brooke & Gabrielle) were awesome, it was an awesome show, thanks, we are calling you for a party in the Spring. (he called with accolades and I typed out the main theme, lol)

Killington, VT: Girls were great man. liked em both. wouldn't have known it was Brooke's first time. (Gabrielle & Brooke)

Killington, VT: Everything was great. Thanks for your time. Take care. (Joey danced)

Gilmanton, NH: We had the best time last night! The girls were great, especially Jessi! Ryan also did a great job of keeping the show rolling! Thanks again

Cambridge, MA (gig ID# 658234): Joey was great! Everyone was very satisfied with her performance, and we all had a great time. She was the hottest exotic dance i have ever seen, and we full appreciated everything she did.

Killington, VT (NJ customers via Text): Yo...thank you to you brianna and joey for making a very memorable evening for my good friend Dan... Cheer be safe

Killington, VT (Boston, Mass customers via Text): Thx Meni! The girls (Joey & Brianna) were great. Safe travels back!

Killington, VT (NY customers): This service is reliable, and actually brings the chicks that you ask for, which ive heard is fairly remarkable. And the chicks (Joey & Brianna) are hot. Very, very hot. I think i love them.

Rockland, MA: Best bachelor party ever! Brianna & Joey made the bachelor I threw a hit, all my friends kept asking me where I got such HOTT girls. The girls also put on a great show and danced to good music, I would never call anywhere but VIP for my next party

Durham, New Hampshire: The line up for our party could not have been any better! all four girls were gorgeous and very friendly. the fact that the girls i picked from your web site, were the girls that showed up says a great deal about your business and your professionalism. joey and brianna put on one hell of a girl on girl show and candy and natasha were amazing as well. from the private dances to the whip cream shots, all of our guests had a good time and only about half of them showed up because of a little snow (this is new england right, they don't know what they missed) but that didn't slow the girls down. they kept the party going from the time they showed up (early by the way) till the time they left. thanks again and we'll definitely use you again for future parties.

Nashua, NH: Happy New Year to you too! The show was great and an awesome way to bring in the New Year! Joey was good time she has a great personality and was very smiley, I like that! She also has some great tricks on the pole!

Merrimack, NH: We all had a great time. The girls were really cool and made everyone real comfortable. Candy is amazing and the girl on girl show they put on was HOT! Thanks again

Hooksett, NH: They (Joey & Candy) were great, good show, we all had a good time.

Boston, MA: The girls (Joey & Brianna) were beautiful, great bodies and better looking than their pictures. Both were very friendly and good natured, and just as comfortable with my wife as with me.

Sandwich, MA: The show was AMAZING! Everyone had so much fun and couldn't stop talking about it the whole next day (we all joked about calling them back for Saturday night as well!). We even had a bunch of girls in our group and they all loved Candy and Brianna and felt very comfortable with them. To say the least, Candy and Brianna was great - very personal & professional and beyond beautiful. We were so happy with how everything went! The girls arrived on time, the gentleman with them (Hank) was very nice and professional and working with you in deciding which girls would be the best for our party was great. This is definitely a great company that you're running and will definitely be the company we use again and recommend to others. We're very grateful that the girls we asked for are the girls that showed up (no bait and switch) and that there were no surprises - everything that we discussed was what happened and it was really nice working with you. Candy, in particular, made the night for my fiancé and myself - she is such a gem and was so personal, fun and gorgeous!

Malden, MA: Joey was great, she was the best, they were very nice girls, Brianna was great too, I connected best with Joey, as a matter of fact we won't use anybody else but you. My guests were late because of the snow, and the girls were cool and talked with us until we were ready to start the show

Candia, NH: The party was great. Candy was wonderful, as usual. Lola was great as well and Candy and Lola worked well together! Hopefully it was a good party for both of them and you as well. Thanks,

MIT (Cambridge, MA): The show was awesome man thanks lot. (Brianna & Joey)

Glen, NH: It was awesome! Girls were sexy as hell and put on an amazing show! I'll be in touch for the next one!!!!

Lebanon, NH: WOW! Candy was amazing. We had a mixed group of people and she made everyone feel comfortable. She worked the crowd like a pro! It was a Halloween party and she even showed up in costume. Thanks to you and the driver it all went fantastic and I will never go any other place for a stripper after dealing with these professionals.

Boston, MA: I was absolutely thrilled with Candy's performance at my brother's bachelor party. She was hot, super talented, and fun! She made everyone feel really comfortable as it was the first time for a couple of guests. I would definitely book Candy again and would recommend her to anyone looking for a great time.

North Conway, NH: They were some of the best girls we have ever had. And the show they put on with my friends girl friends was amazing. We will be back for more.

Tamworth, NH: Just wanted to write you and let you know we had an excellent time Friday night at the show. The girls (Candy and Tyler) were great and very accommodating. You definitely have the best talent in town!
Thanks again, and we'll be contacting you again next summer (when it's my bachelor party!)

Lowell, MA: Phenomenal. We will be calling you for our Christmas Party. (Christina, Tyler, Cali)

Bedford, NH: Dealing with Meni was great. Very professional and prompt. Christina was a great entertainer and I'd definately hire them again. Thanks for making the night a great one. Kevin -Kevin S, Manchester, NH (gig ID# 584960) It was a gigmasters booking, the review is verified by gigmasters.com

North Conway, thru Gigmasters: Overall, a great experience. The girls were very professional, the bouncers were friendly and the bachelor had a fantastic time. He couldn't stop telling me so on the way home the next day. Only downside was a minor miscommunication at the last second. Did not turn into a major issue. Would (and will) definitely go to you again for another party. Thanks VIP. Kevin L.

Jackson, NH: We had a great time. She (Candy) was fun professional and easy going. Thanks for everything

Northwood, NH - Wow...had Gabrielle & Tristan over for a bachelor party last night and it was unbelievable. Two of the most gorgeous strippers I have ever seen, fabulous and flexible. I highly recommend them, and I would book them again in a second. Very professional, talented, and oh-my-god FUN!

Boston, MA: Christina was great: very attentive, fun, energetic, & hot as hell. Everyone had a great time. We headed down to the hotel bar so she could get a drink at midnight to celebrate her 21st birthday, and then she went upstairs and continued her show. I really can't imagine having a better experience, and I highly recommend Christina.

Manchester , New Hampshire: Good show, the crowd liked them (Tristan & Gabrielle) a lot. Everything worked out great, I'll be using your company for my next function.

Pittsfield, NH: The girls (Arianna & Kianna) were amazing, very good looking, and put on a great show. I will definitely contact you for future shows.

Manchester , New Hampshire: Yeah man we had a great time, all the guys were happy, the girls (Tristan & Gabrielle) were great.

Foxwoods, MGM: It was great a lot of fun. A lot of fun, everything went real good, everyone liked Ryan (the driver), everyone liked Katie. Everyone was happy.

Portsmouth, NH, Christina on Friday & Candy danced on Saturday: All I can say is wow. We all had a great time both nights. Not ever having booked dancers before, or even thrown a bachelor party, I was nervous about what might go wrong. Christina and Ryan put those fears to rest in short order.

Both of the drivers, Ryan and Joe were cool. Christina was adorable and gave us a fantastic show. I couldn't stop smiling after she left, she really gave it her all. I would (and probably will) book Christina again. She didn't rush her lapdances and really gave us our money's worth.

Candy was very laid back, smart, witty and hilarious. She has a fantastic body and I was completely blown away when she took her top off. Her performance was impressive and very athletic. She and I had an opportunity to chat and I have to admit that I'm totally smitten with her; she's exactly the kind of girl I like to hang out with.

So in summary we all had an unbelievably good time. The bachelor is a very good friend of mine and I wanted everything to be perfect for him. Thank you and please extend my thanks to the girls for ensuring that happened. I hope that Candy and Christina enjoyed themselves as well.

Framingham, MA: Girls (Bridgette & Destyne), were fucking awesome. Ill write up a testimonial for you soon.

East Waterboro, Maine: The girls (Christina & Alexis) were fun and responded well to both the guys and girls at our party. The drivers were very friendly as well.

Merrimack, NH: We def. liked them, they (Tristan & Gabrielle) where amazingly hot and def looked everything like there picture.

 Moultonborough, NH (Some NY guys): A+ (Candy, short but sweet review)

Laconia, NH via text: They were great! Hottest 2 hours of entire race weekend thank you (Arianna & Kianna)

Raymond, New Hampshire via text: It was awesome. 10 out of 10! (Christina & Alexis)

North Conway, NH: The guys were very pleased. The girls (Arianna & Kianna) were pleasant, sexy, and a lot of fun. They hung out for a couple of hours and entertained everyone! The guys loved them so much a couple of them followed the girls to the car for business cards...:) Feel free to use this on your site, as I would highly recommend you and the girls to anyone having a party and in need of some great, adult entertainment.

New Durham NH: They were the best girls (Tristan & Gabrielle) I've ever had dance, they made the room so hot I had to turn the AC full blast. They were sweet. I've never called anybody back before, this is my 8th bachelor party. They are working my next party. They are f'n awesome. Those two will make you money.

Concord, NH: The girls (Bridgette, Destyne, & Brooke last night were great, thanks a lot, we will definitely be calling you again for our next party, thanks again

Derry, NH: The party was amazing! Everybody who came could not stop saying that is was the best party they've been to. Candy and Brooke made a perfect duo with Candy being outgoing, sexy, and wild and Brooke being a little shy and really cute. They arrived right on time and partied for nearly 3 hours! I can't stress enough how AMAZING the show and the girls were. THANK YOU!

Nashua, New Hampshire: It was great. Girls (Tristan & Gabrielle) were awesome, cool as hell. The bach had a f*ckin great time thanks again

Newport, RI: Great Time. Showed up on time was hot and cool and took good care of the guest of honor. Worked out great. (Christina)

Bristol, NH: She (Lacey) put on an awesome show We would definitely book with you again.

Hampstead, New Hampshire: Lacey was awesome, thanks for booking her for us, such last minute. We will book with you again in the next few weeks, and I want her back.

Manchester, New Hampshire: I loved the show, these are the best girls I've had at my house, ever. And you know I have booked many shows in the past. I want them to dance at my next party, thank you.

Foxwoods: Thanks again. We had a great time. The girls were great. Ryan was great. I will definitely book again with you with the same girls. Thank you much

Mohegan Sun: Went well, good stuff. Show was really good. Would book with you again.

Franklin, Massachusetts: TEXT: It was a great time bro, thank you very much u sent amazing girls (Christina, Alexis, Candy & Lacey) very thankful every1 loved it and for now on all my buddies will be contacting ur company from now on

Providence, RI: She (Christina) was great. She came on time, thanks for the last minute booking. We all had a great time.

Mashpee, Massachusetts: They (Arianna & Kianna) were absolutely unbelievable!, Everybody loved it, better than what we've had before, good to know there is a quality company out there.

Haverhill, Massachusetts: Everything was great. She (Christina) was awesome. She stayed very long. We would recommend her.

Grafton, Massachusetts: Just wanted to let you know Friday night was awesome. Candy and Lacey were fun, outgoing and put on a great show. They stuck around for a long time. I will be recommending them to any of my other friends who throw a bachelor party.

Northwood, NH: Fantastic! (Text message from customer after Candy and Lacey danced at his bachelor party)

Middleboro, Massachusetts: The girls (Arianna & Kianna) were great. Showed up early and stayed late. Great performance and very beautiful! Would highly recommend to someone else. Thanks.

Dover, NH: The girls were good, everyone had a great time, both the girls (Candy & Alexis) and the driver were really cool. It was a good time.

Nashua, NH: Yes the party was a great success. The girls (Candy & Alexis) were great and my boyfriend was very happy. They were very respectful and accommodating. Hank (driver) was great too very accommodating and came prepared with ones and whip cream. The guests were also very happy. Will definitely use you again and recommend you as well. Thanks for a great time!

Killington, VT. (Boston Bachelor Party) The girls were great - super hot and really fun. The bachelor had a fantastic time as did all the groomsmen. My only complaint is Arianna turned down my marriage proposal.

Portsmouth, NH: The guys were very impressed and were very happy. Thanks very much for your services. I appreciated your ability to adapt to the situation during the past week. The girls are beautiful and put on a great show. My friends may have become a little too excited, but it happens I suppose. When I say " too excited" a couple kept screaming for "scissor banging". Too much south park I guess. Anyway, thanks again and I will be sure to recommend you guys to anyone that is even remotely interested in getting strippers for something.

Foxwoods Casino, CT: This was a gigmasters.com booking, the review is from gigmasters.com
Gig ID#: 528529: The girls I chose arrived on time and eager to perform. Arianna and Kianna are true sweethearts and made for a great bachelor party. They were very friendly, had a great personal relationship and were enthusiastic about performing. A lot of laughs, tons of fun and an amazing show. Ask Arianna what she can do with her cheeks. Ask Kianna what she can do with her purple friend. My guys absolutely loved these girls. I would definitely recommend and use them again. -De H, 4/16/2009, Bachelor Party, Ledyard, CT

Peabody, Massachusetts: Hank (driver) and Candy took off a little after 11 last night. All the guys had an incredible time. Candy was something else! Hank and Candy were really cool. She even gave me 3 lashings last night! HA! Looks like we grabbed the right agency this time! We are already talking about setting something up for the summer! Again Thanks!!!

Exeter, NH: went well, good time, girlfriends showed up, which ended the show a bit early girls were great, great time. (Arianna & Kianna)

Middleton, NH: The girls were great, better than expected actually, which is rare on the internet. Arianna and Kianna were both hot, in fact after the show I asked who everyone liked better, and it was a 50/50 split. I would def recommend these girls to anyone who needs them. My only advise is for Arianna to consider taking her heels off half way through the show always. She is unreal talented with her gymnastics background. So hot when she was just her little 5'2" self and could move freely without those ridiculous 9" heels. I had a great time, as did my guests. Thanks a bunch girls.

Antrim, NH: "The girls (Nikki and Monica) were hot, everyone had a good time, we are definitely going to do it again, probably in the summer sometime. Thanks a lot!" - Bob

North Conway, NH: "That was awesome. My buddy the bachelor had a blast. Great talent. Way better than we expected." (Arianna & Kianna)

Nashua, New Hampshire: "I thought the show was great. You have set the bar high with those girls. The dancers definitely showed their experience and professionalism. Especially their willingness to get things going quickly. <- Very important to push the envelope faster than slower." He booked Candy & Monica

Boston, Massachusetts: "Best party I've ever hosted, the 3 girls, were the 3 we picked on the site. I booked for 9 pm, they were here at 8:50 pm. They girls danced 2 hours. I will refer these agency to anyone, The girls are gorgeous. The driver was the owner, he was laid back and funny. I would book these girls for the next party I host. Thanks gigmasters and VIP Strippers" (note from VIP: The 3 girls were Candy, Monica, and Kaylee)

Nashua, New Hampshire: "I thought the show was great. You have set the bar high with those girls. The dancers definitely showed their experience and professionalism.  Especially their willingness to get things going quickly.  <- Very important to push the envelope faster than slower." He booked Candy & Monica

Candia, NH: "We all liked the show very much. Candy & Paris were both great. Great attitude and lots of fun. And both very attractive. We all had a blast!. I do have to say that we expected a bit longer show (it was about an hour) and some toy use between them. Some of us still had tip money left. I do understand that the girls get tired. They both worked very hard." (About the toy use, both girls were on their p*riod, and I spoke to Candy and she assumed the tips were done when she didn't see anymore money out, just a bit of miscommunication)

Lowell, Massachusetts "The girls were great, they put on an awesome show. The girls that I picked off the site were the same girls that showed up which is a rarity. Definitely would recommend to anyone thinking of having a party"

Lowell, Massachusetts (U Mass of Lowell): "Great show! Thanks so much...all the guys had a blast and Kaylee and Monica did a great job! Prompt and very professional. We'll be calling soon for our next party!"

Orono, Maine (U of Maine): "Candy and Monica had awesome attitudes and were very sexy. Not only was the price much cheaper going through VIP strippers, but the show was much better as well. It was also very impressed how easy it was to book the show, no credit card required."

Derry, New Hampshire: "She (Candy) was great my husband & friends were very happy with her. I will call u for next party and ask 4 candy I'm sorry I didn't have all the ppl I send the inv too but I'm happy to know that she had fun"

Londonderry, New Hampshire: "Everyone had fun, everyone had a good time, the girls were great (Candy, Monica, Kaylee). The girls were fun, they weren't like other dancers I've booked that show up and start by announcing a price list, 'Ok $20 for this, $10 for that...'. We will be calling you for the next party very soon, thank you"

Dover, New Hampshire: "Arianna & Kianna were fun, we enjoyed the show, they stayed almost 3 hours. We will definitely book them again through you"

Nashua, New Hampshire: "Candy & Paris were great, the show went perfect, the driver was great, all around a great party for my son. I will absolutely recommend you to everyone".

Wilmot, New Hampshire: "Arianna & Kianna were great, thank you, thanks for booking on short notice, we will use you again"

New London, NH: "We are f*cking pleased. We had a great time, I was cleaning the house with the bachelor and couldn't stop talking about it this morning. All 3 girls (Candy, Paris and Arianna) were great, and we'll be calling you again in a month or so"

Hanover, NH: "Show was great. Candy was phenomenal. Friends and I had a blast."

Plymouth, NH: "Show was good. I Think the girls made off well, which we expected. Everyone was perfectly on time. Girls looked great and did great.
We certainly appreciate the rates you guys have and we'll be doing this twice a year with every pledge class, so we hope to hit you up again soon.I think her name was Candy? . Let her know that she has a perfect butt and perfect boobs for me, id appreciate that. Still thinkin' bout em' this morning, Phew!
I certainly had a blast. My house certainly isn't going anywhere, you'll be hearing from me in the spring dude.
Take it easy.

Manchester, New Hampshire: "Candy did an awesome job (bikini gram). We will book her for a bachelor party very soon"

Hudson, MA: "The girls were awesome! They were exactly what we were hoping they would be! They weren't uptight or stuck up. Candy and Paris were fun girls to have around and seemed like they had just as much fun as we did. The best part was when they whipped my friend with his own belt! That was amazingly funny and he loved it! I'd book these girls again in an instant should we have another event to celebrate.

Antrim, NH: "It was great thanks for asking. The girls (Arianna & Kianna) did a good job and my buddy had a blast. They handed out a few cards, I'm sure when something else comes up the other guys will use you. Glad it all worked out. Thanks!"

Keene, NH: "hi there... we had a great time. Def. satisfied with the 2 ladies that came down. Hopefully it was worth there while! Thanks!"

Dorchester, MA: "The show was tremendous. The girls (Arianna & Kianna) stayed long and did some cool stuff. They passed out their cards and one of the guests at the show was very excited to have them at a party in the very near future. If I happen to need another show I will definitely use your company."

Hooksett, NH: "Thank you, Arianna was amazing"

Concord, NH: "Arianna & Kianna put on a great show. I'll be calling you again soon with another party."

Canterbury, NH: "Girls were great, the driver was cool, thank you"

Dover, NH: "Show went well, Trista and Lacey were great, thanks"

Danville, NH: "The strippers were great.....there was someone for everybody....thanks Meni.....I met and talked with your brother, he seems like a cool guy...tell him thanks for me as well...." (Trista and Lacey, & Jen)

Londonderry, New Hampshire: "Thank you for sending Trista and Lacey"

Derry, New Hampshire: "Lacey & Trista put on quite a show, and thanks for the DVDs"

Manchester, New Hampshire: "The girls put on the best show I've ever seen, thank you, will call you again next time" (Trista & Lacey)

Boston, Massachusetts: "Thanks for setting us up with her (Trista). We all had a great time last night and she was wild. We really enjoyed the lollipop trick she does and the whipped cream was cool too. I would love to book her again sometime in the near future."

Roxbury Crossing, Massachusetts: "We were very happy with the show the girls were great. (Madison and Jada)

UNH: "The show was great. Its too bad they had another show to go to, we would have had them stay all night." (Referring to Kelly & Madison)

Brookline, NH: "Mandi and Alexia did an incredible show, we'll call you again"

Bentley: "Madison was prettier in person than she is on the site, thanks"

Brighton, Massachusetts: "Kelly and Madison were fun. We'll do it again"

Allston, Massachusetts: "Madison & Kelly were great, they danced longer than we expected, thanks"

NEC: "Hey, Madison was great, thank you for the show"

Boston, Massachusetts: "Wanted to drop a quick line and say that Kelly and Madison were great last night. Thanx for an awesome night! Peace Pete" Same Show: "had a great time at the bachelor party last night, would be interested an exotic dance event with Kelly here in Boston. No Rush but please contact at me at ___________ to discuss the date/details. Thanks -Rich"

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